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Terms & Conditions

We appreciate this is the boring part, but we’re obliged to make a few things clear so that no one falls out. We don’t like falling out with people, you see.

Cancellation  – 

If you have to cancel your reservation you must telephone the Owner on the number shown on your booking confirmation 01971511202.  The day on which the Owner receives the telephone cancellation / confirms receipt of your email cancellation is the day on which your reservation is cancelled. We will not charge you for a cancellation, provided it is made 14 days prior to your arrival date. For cancellations with shorter notice, we will not make a charge provided we are able to re-let the room. However if the room goes empty due to your cancellation then you will be charged the full amount for your stay. 

Please ensure you are protected by your own insurance provider from the time of making your booking. We can not stress the importance of this enough!

Methods of payment

Direct Bookings are not prepaid the card information required at booking is securely held and unless requested by Guest or Guests agent then no pre-payment is taken. Groups will be asked to pre-pay 14 days before arrival. We accept Credit Card payments, however we do not accept American Express.

When making a Bank transfer payment please ref your payment as directed by the owner so that we can cross reference your payment for you for example “Smith 14/07/21” e.g. name, date and rental begins. We would ask that you email us once your BACS transaction has been instructed by you, so that we can check for its deposit arriving with our account and email confirmation of this and your booking to you. For our International guests we can recommend payment via;  it’s secure, economical and easy to use

Sustainable Tourism

We at Mackay’s are increasingly aware of our impact on the environment and try to mitigate this where possible. We ask all our guests to live responsibly whilst staying with us. Please consider your energy usage, light pollution, food and general waste as carefully as you can – this really matters to us and to our guests also we hope. We want to have as low an impact on our amazing surroundings as possible.

Reduce -Reuse- Recycle


Smoking is completely prohibited inside and around the property. If guests insist of smoking then we ask them to dispose of all evidence responsibly and sympathetically. There will be a £150.00 additional cleaning charge if the house smells of smoke or if evidence of smoking is left behind in the room.


Please report any breakages or damage during your stay so that they can be rectified at the time and before the next guests arrive. All damages and losses will be paid for in full and you are asked to notify the owners directly before vacating the house. Glasses etc break and the unexpected can happen, accidental damage happens to everyone and we are very understanding but it is easier to let us know and we can rectify this quickly and hassle free.


We are dog friendly at Mackays – no other animals allowed I am afraid.  We can accommodate a maximum of 2 dogs in dog friendly rooms and there is an additional £15.00 dog charge per dog per night.  However dogs are only as good as there owners- any damage caused by dogs will need to be settled in full by owner and all evidence of dogs in and around the property must be dealt with by the owners before their departure. This is a crofting community so responsible dog ownership is a strict requirement not a request where livestock is concerned. The penalties are great otherwise!

Your booking

Mackay’s reserve the right to refuse any booking prior to the issuing of any confirmation in writing. When you receive your confirmation you must check all the details carefully for accuracy and contact the Owner immediately if you find any discrepancy.

Repairs to Property

Occasionally in rental properties damage due to possible wear and tear, an item of equipment may for some reason not be working (in the unlikely event of this) we would do our utmost to repair it as quickly as possible and we are here to ensure your holiday runs as smoothly and enjoyable as possible. Due to the remoteness of our location sometimes things may take a little bit longer than would normally be expected- this is part of living in the wilds but your enjoyment and comfort are our priority at all times. To improve the facilities the owners reserve the right to alter or amend the facilities made available at the house.

Restriction on Rental

We reserve the right to remove person or persons from the property due to unreasonable behaviour, damage to the property or who exceeds the stated occupancy (unless occupancy has been agreed by both parties owner and customer direct and in advance of the stay). No refund will be due.


The Owner hopes that you will not have any cause for complaint but in the event of a problem arising, you must in the first instance contact the Owner immediately so that any problem may be speedily resolved, as the Owner must be given the opportunity to rectify the problem. Some problems are very easily rectified if notified.

Right of Entry

The owner of the property reserves the right to enter the property/room at an agreed time with the hirer to carry out any repairs or maintenance. The owner reserves the right to ask guests to vacate the property if their behaviour is deemed to be unreasonable or damage is caused to the property.


The Owner will have no liability for death, personal injury, or loss of, or damage to, personal property including motor vehicles.

Mackay’s offers its guests off street parking across the main road from the house –  Mackay’s is not responsible for vehicles in this car parking area and the use of it In the absence of any negligence or other breach of duty by The Owner,  it is  entirely at the guests own risk.

Adverse Travel Conditions

In the event of travel disruptions due to bad weather conditions, Government or FCO Travel guidelines or any form of industrial action we cannot be held responsible for non-arrival or inability to arrive or depart at the Rooms and strictly no refunds will be given. Should these exceptional circumstances arise we would do everything in or capability to assist you to arrange alternative overnight accommodation with local accommodation providers where possible and you will be solely responsible for paying any alternative accommodation costs arising from this. We request all guests to have normal travel insurance in place at time of booking to cover any eventuality, thank you.

Cancellation by Owner

Each booking is made in good faith in the belief that the house will be available to the client on the date stated on the booking form.  If for any reason due to circumstances out-with our control eg flood or fire of the property rendering the house not available we are unable to guarantee provision of alternative accommodation however a full refund of your original rental fee paid to us would be made. For the avoidance of doubt extreme cases such as terrorism,  pandemic and global health crisis, adverse weather conditions which may prevent travel for any reason, fog, delayed flights, ferry disruption, Government or Foreign Commonwealth Office (FCO) Travel advice such  or road closures are not deemed a circumstance outwith our control for this clause which would give rise to a refund. We will not be held responsible! Normal holiday insurance is recommended at the time of booking as we cannot be held responsible for weather interruption to your travel arrangements.


The contract between you and the Owner is subject to Scots Law

Please ensure you have read and understand the terms and conditions of agreement for your reservation at Mackays Rooms Ltd prior to booking

Thank-you for taking the time to read through the above, it is for your protection as much as it is for ours and we appreciate your time.

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